* Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Strathclyde University
* COSCA Counselling Certificate Edinburgh Napier University
* Accredited Alcohol Counsellor status within the network of local Councils on Alcohol in Scotland

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Am I drinking too much?

Through the person centred approach I aim to explore and address the practical side of alcohol management for each individual. It important to discover whether the client chooses to abstain from alcohol completely or to reduce their consumption. Everyone has different aims that they want to achieve and different reasons why they believe alcohol is becoming problematic in their lives. At this stage it is very helpful to clarify the physical and psycological risks that excessive drinking can cause. By having a clear understanding of what the safe limits of alcohol consumption are we can then establish where the client feels they are. Through the use of drinking diaries amongst other tools it is possible to gain a clear picture of quantities and drinking patterns. Often certain situations can be triggers for drinking. From this, we can then gradually set out certain goals and aims that the client feels comfortable with. We will focus on how best to deal with relapse and how to maintain abstinence or reduced drinking.

The person centred approach is a holistic approach and very often alcohol is merely the visible manifestation of deep underlying issues. I aim to explore and unravel any issues that the client feels are relevant and important to bring to the counselling session. I hope by listening and encouraging and supporting, to let the client see and fully understand the possibility and potential that they have for change. I provide a safe and confidential environment in which the client will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Please contact Rosanna via email if you are interested in having Counselling for Alcohol addiction.

Counselling takes place in Perth and Glenalmond.

Rosanna charges £30 per hour with a free first session.

Rosanna is based in Perth and Glenalmond, Scotland. If you feel you would like to arrange a counselling session for alcohol or drinking problem, please contact Rosanna via email. Rosanna covers mostly the Perthshire and Tayside regions. Areas covered include Perth, Dundee, Crieff and Stirling.

Rosanna Alcohol Counselling & Therapy